Reciprocal golf at the Clubs named below will be available at the times stated, subject to availability and any conditions imposed by the Club involved. 

  • Arrangements for reciprocal golf cannot be made more than 14 days in advance.

  • Reciprocal golf at Bedford & County will be limited to a maximum of two 4-balls per day from each of the above named Clubs. Other Clubs may impose their own limit.

  • Members of Bedford & County wishing to make arrangements for reciprocal golf must telephone the Club they wish to visit and ascertain availability before requesting a letter of introduction from the Manager.

  • Members of Bedford & County wishing to play at Hertfordshire clubs must initially make contact re availability through our own club office and not directly to the host club.

  • Visitors to Bedford & County must bring a letter of introduction from their home Club and members of Bedford and County must take a letter of introduction when visiting other Clubs to play reciprocal golf. The letter of introduction must state the names and handicaps of all players involved.

  • Visitors to Bedford & County will not be afforded courtesy unless they have pre-booked and bring a letter of introduction from their home Club.

  • Visitors to Bedford & County will be honorary members of the Club for the day and will be welcome to use the bar and catering facilities.

  • The Rules of the host Club, including the Dress Code, must be strictly adhered to by all visitors.

  • Please Note: to save any possible misunderstanding, the availability of tee times and dates to use the reciprocal golf arrangements described above, together with the number of players allowed to be involved on any one occasion, will be the sole decision of the host club and its decision will be final.

This reciprocal arrangement applies only to adult male and female members, with a current WHS handicap and will only be available in accordance with their Membership Category. (i.e. 5 Day Members will NOT be permitted to participate in reciprocal golf at weekends). Green fees are as stated in the table below. If green fees are more than £10 at another Club, then members of that Club will be charged the same fee at Bedford & County.

Reciprocal golfing arrangements will be available for members of Bedford & County Golf Club at each of the following, subject to the conditions above.

Club Name Telephone Weekdays Green Fee
Bedford and County 01234 352617 After 9.00 am (Not Weds.) See rules above
Market Harborough 01858 463684 After 10.00am £10
Buckingham 01280 815566 After 10.00 am £10
Chiltern Forest 01296 631267 After 10.00 am £10
St Neots 01480 472363 After 10.00 am £10
Leighton Buzzard 01525 244800 After 1:00 pm (Mon - Thurs) £10
Kibworth 01162 792301 After 10.00 am £15
South Beds 01582 591500 After 10.00 am £10
Dunstable Downs 01582 604472 After 10.00 am £30
Kettering 01536 511104 After 10.00 am £10
East Herts 01920 821978 After 09.00 am £30
Mid Herts 01582 833242 After 09:00 am £40 county card
Burghley Park 01780 753789 After 09:00am £10
Whipsnade Park 01442 842310 After 09:00am (Mon - Thurs) £10
Rushden 01933 418511 After 09:00am £10