Bedford & County Golf Club is a professionally run golf club renowned for the quality of the course and it’s relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

We have no wish to dictate to members or visitors, but prefer instead to rely upon common sense and personal responsibility.

Obviously, we expect nothing other than recognised golf attire on the golf course.

Equally, we expect that people in the clubhouse make an effort and dress appropriately.

Obviously, unsuitable clothing such as scruffy, dirty or torn jeans, flip flops and “beachwear” must be avoided. Golf shoes, trainers and “no shoes” are not allowed in the clubhouse.

The use of mobile phones on the course is not permitted, except in an emergency. In the clubhouse mobile phones should be on silent and should not be used to make or receive calls.

The club’s management has no wish to be involved in disciplining anyone – but will do if necessary – preferring to treat our members and guests as golfers with a positive and sensible attitude towards their appearance at our club.

Bedford & County Golf Club management reserves the right to decide the proper dress code for both the course and the clubhouse.